Who can certify a photocopy?


Who can certify a photocopy? Copies of documents can be certified by one of the following people:Accountant.Armed forces officer.Bank/building society official.Commissioner of Oaths.Councillor (local or county)FCA regulated who can act as a notary public in uk person (identified using the FCA authorised persons lists)More items•

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As nicely as signing, sealing, stamping and securing the documents, we have to register and hold a permanent report of each document we cope with and could also be known as on by officials to provide copies at any time sooner or later. If you're signing a document on behalf of a business, the Notary might want to see proof of your authority to signal the doc on behalf of the company, e.g. by the use of a Board Resolution. Directors of the corporate usually have automatic authority by virtue of their workplace, but ‘managers’ don't. Please note that directors often intend to sign a Power of Attorney on behalf of the company, but to sign in their personal capability. This just isn't attainable as the corporate cannot delegate their very own powers to administrators and not using a Board Resolution. All company power of attorneys should be executed by the corporate itself in accordance with its Articles of Association .

What can notaries do? What does a Notary Public do?administer oaths, and take affidavits, declarations and affirmations;attest oaths, affidavits, affirmations or declarations;certify and attest true copies of a document (called a “notarized copy”); and.witness or certify and attest the execution of a document.

Our extremely skilled solicitors offer a variety of authorized companies, and are dedicated to providing a modern and tailored service. If you're coping notarized will uk with an abroad legal matter or with any formal documentation that might be used abroad, you might be more likely to have been asked to have documents “notarised” i.e signed in the presence of a notary. If you're signing a document on behalf of a Company, then we will moreover have to undertake Companies House checks on the Company and its Directors. We will require you to provide us with the Company Number so we could undertake the search.